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In action since 1996, AMBE CARRIERS PVT LTD. has succeeded in its goal-to provide quality services that meet and exceed our customers transportation requirements. We have combined a strong tradition of personalized service with cutting-edge technology to create a quality transportation service product for today and tomorrow. Our quality triad symbolizes how all our people, right from the drivers to the top management, create value that helps meet your requirements and expectations. This commitment to quality service and value has allowed ACPL to achieve steady growth while remaining rock solid financially.

We provide efficient scheduling, handling and routing of both, full and partial loads, regardless of the number of loads you ship.

We have a full range of technical equipment, which we constantly keep upgrading. We also invest in better equipment to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our fleet with sizable number of trailers & trucks ensures that your load will delivered on time and in excellent condition.

Our employees are our strength-thus we believe in investing in our people, establishing and retaining a team of professional drivers who will treat your load with the care it deserves. In fact, we have one of the best road safety records in the nation.

Aiming towards its expansion, strengthening its operations and providing a wide network of transport routes, ACPL looks forward to receiving your enquiries in order to offer you its unbeatable service.

about us


  • We hereby confirm that AMBE CARRIERS has been providing transport services to MSC AGENCY INDIA PVT LTD from Navasheva and Mundra to various ICDS for several years. M/S AMBE CARRIERS PVT LTD has been our regular container transporter for many years. They have been transporting our various empty container. It has been pleasure working with AMBE CARRIERS PVT LTD, who have been our transportation & logistics partners for last ten years
  • We hereby confirm M/S AMBE CARRIERS has been providing L/T services to M/S ZIM Integrated Shipping Services(India) PVT LTD by moving mty & 1dd conts from various gateway ports & icd more than 10-15 years. We are satisfied with their service and reporting system